Off Season

Currently in the off season. If you're interested in photos in the off season, please enter your code below and subscribe for updates on production runs. Off-season orders normally have a very long turnaround.

3rd Party Photos

I can make hockey cards from 3rd party photos (photos I didn't take). Email your high resolution picture(s) to and I'll get you setup!
Need some help taking the perfect hockey card photo? Reach out for pro-tips!

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Chris Wilkinson
Text 902-393-2959

Innovative Sports Photography

Tired of the same old sports photos every year? The Picture Guy has the answer. We offer a variety of new and innovative sport photography. Book a photo session with us, or send us your team photos. It's easy and has no up-front cost!

So ... Why The Picture Guy?


We utilize a professional graphic design process that will incorporate a fresh look and feel to the end product. We will incorporate your team logo or association's logo.


The Picture Guy, through the digital design process, will personalize each and every order. We personalize each photo product with any information you wish, including name, number, position, age and favourite player. Each team product is detailed with the names of all the athletes so no matter how long down the road it is, you will always know who played along side with you.

How does it work?

Our photographer takes a team photo and portrait of each player. While there, you will receive a password that you use on to see your photos in an online album. Select the portrait you like, fill in the personalized information, and choose a print or package from our extensive product list. You can then securely pay online through PayPal.

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